Scantrol delivers automatic wire spooling for 500 ton winches

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  • Scantrol delivers automatic wire spooling for 500 ton winches
UOS Challenger
  • 30. July 2009

Scantrol has delivered iSPOOL computer controlled wire spooling to 12 new offshore towing and supply vessels.

– Manual spooling is ok when we work in shallow water, but automatic spooling is a great help when we work in deep water with a lot more wire on the drums, says one of the inspectors of the German ship owner Hartmann Logistik.

Highest classification

The 12 new AHTS vessels being built at Fincantieri, have been designed to obtain the highest class according to the US classification society ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) regulations. The vessels will be equipped to operate in all offshore activities and carry out support services for oil rigs and platforms.

Three extra large 500 ton anchor handling and towing winches will enable the vessels to safely carry out towing and deep water anchor handling activities. The low pressure hydraulic winches are supplied by Hatlapa and controlled by Scantrol iSYM Tow system. The system ensures automatic control and monitoring of anchor handling and towing winches.

Automatic spooling

In addition the Scantrol iSPOOL system will supply the vessels with automatic spooling to get exact spooling every time, even with 3000 meters on the towing drum. The spooling system can easily be set to different wire diameters and takes the work load off the operator when working in deep water running the winches continuously for a whole shift. iSPOOL not only saves time but can double the life time of the wires.

The naming ceremony of the second of the 12 vessels “UOS Challenger” took place in May this year. The other ten vessels will be ready by mid 2010.

UOS Challenger

  • The second of 12 AHTS vessels being built by Italian Fincantieri for German
  • Shipowner Hartmann Logistik
  • High flexibility “Moss 424” design
  • Length: 76,5 meters
  • Engine power: 12 000 kW
  • Maximum spees: 16,3 knots

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