New portable AHC-LARS commissioned in one day on M/S Seabed Worker

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  • New portable AHC-LARS commissioned in one day on M/S Seabed Worker
  • 14. November 2012

– The system was in function from day one. It is easy to transport and makes it safer to operate, assures Hans Martin Gravdal, CEO of Swire Seabed AS. Only hours after the commission of Scantrol AHC on a new portable LARS designed by MB Hydraulikk, M/S “Seabed Worker” went straight to work in Holland.

Scantrol carries out extensive modelling and testing when supplying a control system so that time spent on commissioning is kept to a minimum.

With focus on standardization, Scantrol offers solutions for making Active Heave Compensation technology available for all kinds of winches and cranes.

Scantrol has developed an analyzer tool for simulation and testing at an early stage of a project. This facilitates close collaboration with the designers of the winch or crane. The result is less time spent on commission when finishing a project.

– The system was in function from day one, says Hans Martin Gravdal after the commissioning of a Launch and Recovery control system for ROV-handling.

The system was installed on the vessel “Seabed Worker” in February this year. Only twelve hours after the commission, the vessel could go straight to work in Holland.

AHC for OBS ROV: Scantrol focuses on making the AHC technology available for all kind of equipment, such as this Sub-Fighter 15kb from Sperre.

Making AHC more available

Scantrol created the solution in cooperation with MB Hydraulikk. The OBS ROV that was used in this project was supplied by Sperre AS. Making AHC available also for smaller equipment such as OBS ROV is a part of Scantrol’s product strategy.

– With this equipment we can reduce weather related downtime, says Gravdal who is supported by COO, Frode Gaupås:

– The achieved value will pay back the investment spent on the system.

Flexible and user-friendly 

USER FRIENDLY: – The system is user-friendly and has a lot of advantages, confirms Operator Ole Iden (right), together with CEO of Swire Seabed, Hans Martin Gravdal.


Even though most of the system is standardized, Scantrol leaves room for flexibility. For “Seabed Worker” this involves a mobile system with a flexible control system that can be used for different application areas. The result is a portable skid of aluminum, with Scantrol AHC on both winch and crane.

According to leading operator, Ole Iden, this was a good solution for the project in Holland, where the vessel was hired to support 20 divers doing survey work at the seabed. Both the operators on the vessel and the diving team were impressed by the advantages of the equipment.

– Due to shallow water we used the AHC function on the crane most of the time while the team was diving. The system worked successfully and was stable and precise, says Iden. who continues:

– The system is user-friendly and has a lot of advantages.

USER-FRIENDLY: According to Iden, Scantrol has succeeded in developing a user-friendly system, exemplified here by a screenshot of the system.

Easy and safe mobilization

Both Iden and Gravdal have been involved though the whole process and are satisfied with the result.

– It is easy to transport and makes it safer to operate, says Gravdal.

The vessel owner has been involved with a number of systems through his career. Similar to operator Iden, he is impressed with the flexibility of the system.

– It is an enormous advantage to be able to transport the system in one piece, explains Iden, leading operator at Seabed Worker.

The portable LARS made in aluminum is designed by MB Hydraulikk.


M/S ”Seabed Worker”

  • Owned by Swire Seabed AS
  • Multi purpose offshore vessel
  • Length: 89 m
  • Breadth: 16 m
  • Year built: 2009
  • Designed by Fjellstrand AS
  • Installed with AHC LARS for both WORK ROV and OBS ROV handling


MB Hydraulikk AS

  • Established in 1926
  • Design and production of hydraulic deck equipment in aluminum
  • Customized solutions
  • Designed portable LARS for winch and crane for M/S “Seabed Worker”
  • Head office in Mjosundet, Norway