iSYM Trawl Control

iSYM Trawl Control

Trawl control system with focus on catching efficiency and catching economy.

iSYM Trawl Control

is a user friendly system that gives the skipper the possibility to choose different control modes for different fishing conditions. Built on a modern technology platform the system ensures efficient control of the trawl by combining information from the trawl and winches with navigation data and the skipper’s settings.

In good fishing conditions it is sufficient to work with synchronized winches and equal wire tension, but with iSYM Trawl Control it is possible to improve catching efficiency by controlling the winches according to the water flow into the trawl opening. iSYM includes all control functions that are required for safe and reliable winch control.

iSYM Trawl Control can control all modern hydraulic and electric trawl winches. The system focuses on the trawl, and is not required to have 100% perfect winches in order for it to be efficient. Existing autotrawl systems can be upgraded or replaced.


  • Catching efficiency: Focuses on the trawl to maintain high gear performance in varying fishing conditions.
  • Fuel economy: Controls winch power, towing power and regeneration of energy.
  • Gear economy: Reduces wear and damage to trawl gear, wires and winches.


  • Automatic symmetry control for stable and reliable control of your trawl geometry. Correct symmetry is essential for catching efficiency and reduced towing time.
  • Controls all electric and hydraulic trawl winches. Upgrade kits are available for most winches.
  • Simple access to historical data lets you monitor how the haul develops and analyse previous trawl hauls.
  • Settings for different gears and fishing grounds are saved and can be reloaded when needed,
  • Trawl Pull: Calculates the force used for pulling the trawl through the sea and helps the skipper adjust the engine power in varying tidal and weather conditions.
  • Sensitivity of the winches can be adjusted according to weather conditions or skipper’s preferences.
  • Separate mode for pelagic trawling.
  • Snag Detector: Automatically detects fasteners to reduce gear damage and loss of catch.
  • Superb turn performance when twin-rigging. Total control during the turn, and quick alignment after the turn – even if your winches are “stiff”.
  • Pair Trawl: Combines iSYM with modern radio technology to give pair trawl skippers comprehensive information and full automatic control of  winches, engine power and steering.
  • Access to unfiltered data from Scanmar sensors on the trawl combined with extensive quality control makes it possible to use this information for automatic control of winches, engine power, and course.
  • iSPOOL: Computer controlled wire spooling increases the life time of your trawl wires by 50% or more.



  • Single Trawl
  • Twin-Rig
  • Pair Trawl
  • Danish Seining


  • Single Trawl
  • Pair Trawl


  • Clam Dredgers
  • Scallopers

Compatible winches:

Hydraulic Drive:

  • Low Pressure
  • Medium Pressure
  • High Pressure

Electric Drive:

  • DC Motor, Thyristor Drive
  • DC Motor, Ward-Leonard Drive
  • ACMotor, Frequency Converter


iSYM Brochure