iSpool Intelligent Electronic Wire Spooling

Double wire life with perfect spooling.

What is iSPOOL?

iSPOOL is a control system for electronic wire spooling that will save you time spooling the wires and double their life time.

The computer controls the spooling gear to get exact spooling even with varying wire diameter. Therefore, the wire diameter can easily be programmed into the system in order to choose the turn sequence that gives best spooling.

In addition, using a portable control panel is a good option when spooling on new wire.

This picture shows one winch equipped with iSPOOL and the other with mechanical spooling gear.

ISPOOL makes it easy to program the exact wire diameter, and to choose the turn sequence that gives best spooling.

A portable control panel can be used when spooling on new wire.


  • Computer controlled wire spooling
  • Programmable wire diameter
  • Selection of spooling programs
  • Simple diamond threaded screw
  • Option to refit with existing winches
  • Option to integrate with the iSYM system


iSPOOL brochure