Fugro chooses Scantrol as AHC partner for Launch & Recovery Systems

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  • Fugro chooses Scantrol as AHC partner for Launch & Recovery Systems
  • 27. August 2013

Scantrol recently received orders for supplying four Scantrol AHC LARS units to Fugro Subsea Technologies in Singapore.  All four AHC systems ordered will be operating with Fugro’s flagship, the Work Class FCV 3000 ROV system in order to increase operational time for the Fugro ROV support fleet.

Scantrol has worked closely with Fugro Subsea Technologies and their hydraulic supplier, Bosch Rexroth, to find the best solutions for implementing AHC on both new and existing LARS systems.

The four AHC systems will be installed on two different vessels, the first of which is known as Fugro Aquarius and is under construction in Brazil. The second vessel will be from Sealion Shipping and is yet to be named.

General Manager for Fugro Subsea Technologies in Singapore, William Lee, is excited to be fitting these Fugro ROV support vessels with the flexible Scantrol AHC system, with an expectation that the operational window could be enhanced as a consequence.

Reduced reliance on ROV piloting skills

AHC technology can reduce the reliance on ROV piloting skills required for certain subsea operations.

William Lee discussed AHC with Scantrol already two years ago, so why is Fugro investing heavily in this technology now?

– We believe AHC technology can reduce the demands on ROV piloting skills during operations with a Tether Management System (TMS) in extreme weather conditions. In today’s context, there is an ever growing shortage of experienced ROV pilots in the market and one vital phase of working with a TMS is the docking and undocking operation of the TMS unit with the ROV.

– With AHC technology, the pilot will be able to maintain the position of the TMS unit whilst focusing on docking and undocking operation of the ROV in order to prevent any disastrous situation of damaging the delicate tether which is the “life line” of any ROV system, explains Lee.

Scantrol AHC – practical and achievable solution

– The AHC solution from Scantrol is modular and could easily be integrated into our existing Launch & Recovery System (LARS) control logic without the need to start from a clean sheet of paper, says Lee, and continues:

– Scantrol has been very helpful in assisting Fugro to incorporate field proven AHC solutions into our existing LARS packages without the need for major and expensive re-engineering activities or doubling the size of the hydraulic power unit. Scantrol listens to what we need and provides practical and achievable solutions.

Increased uptime for subsea operations

The primary function for the Scantrol AHC LARS is to increase the uptime for subsea operations, with emphasis on user-friendliness and flexibility.

Scantrol AHC keeps the TMS in a fixed position so that the docking of the ROV against the TMS can be done safely and controlled without the vessel’s heave motion from the waves compromising the TMS position. The AHC function will give improved and accurate control also when deploying and retrieving.

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