Faroe Seafood installs iSYM Pair Trawl on all eight trawlers

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  • Faroe Seafood installs iSYM Pair Trawl on all eight trawlers
  • 31. May 2007

The Atlantic Fish fare exhibition in Faroe Islands in May 2007 ended up with a huge order for our iSYM Pair Trawl systems. During 2007 we will install the system on all of the Faroe Seafoods fleet vessels.

 We believe that with this system we will increase our catch efficiency, which of course is important in our line of business. Another reason that we have chosen iSYM Pair Trawl is due to the fact that we have seen how well it has worked for other vessels here in the Faroe Islands and how their investments are paying off.

When it comes to their expectations to the iSYM Pair Trawl, Jonsvein’s comments:

 We have great expectations of the new system. It’s important for us to have the latest technology on our vessels to catch more fish and save fuel. The skipper has a better workplace because he gets more accurate information about the distance between the two vessels, automatic control of the winches, and the radio technology which keep both of the skippers updated at all time.

Pair 1: Ametyst (left) and Jaspis (right)

  • Built: Faroe Island1986
  • Length: 30,42
  • Engine power: 993KW-1350 HK
  • Autopilot: Robertson AP45
  • Winch Control: Pentagon LT, 1 winch
  • Pitch Control: Pneumatic Control/ Bergen Diesel

Pair 2: Bakur (left) and Stelkur (right)

  • Built: Spain 2002
  • Length: 37,96
  • Engine Power: 970KW-1305HK
  • Auto Pilot: Robertson AP45
  • Winch Control: Pentagon. 1 winch
  • Pitch Control: Mekanord

Pair3: Audacious (left) and Mark Amay(right)

  • Built: Scotland and Ireland 2000
  • Length: Approx. 39,00 each
  • Engine Power: Audacious: 1800HK/1500 KW. Mark Amay: 1243KW- 1600HK
  • Autopilot:  Nanitron
  • Winch Control: Audaciuos: Scantrol iSYM, 3 winchesMark Amay: pentagon, 3 winches.
  • Pitch Control: Both use MAN Alphatronic Propultion Control.

Pair 4:

  • Currently being built in a shipyard M.CIES sl. in Vigo, Spain.  NB 109 and 110. The vessels are ready for fishing in August/September 2007.
  • Autopilot: Symrad AP50 installed onboard both vessels
  • Winch Control: Pentagon, 1 winch each
  • Pitch Control: Mekanord

iSYM Pair Trawl features:

  • Radio communication: Pair Trawl includes a coded radio link. Both vessels can see each others wire and winch data
  • Interface to autopilot: For automatic control of the distance between the vessels. The slave vessel will also automatically follow the same course as the master vessel.
  • Interface to pitch control: For automatic control of pull on the slave vessel. The pitch is automatically adjusted for keeping a symmetric net.
  • Interface to winch control: The master vessel can control the winch on the slave vessel.

Pair Trawl screenshot


Product description:

iSYM Pair Trawl

iSYM Trawl Control