Deep Vision featured in the news

  • 26. May 2014

Sysla.no has featured an article about Scantrol Deep Vision, a subsea vision system for identifying and measuring fish under water. The aim is more sustainable fisheries.

A camera technology that makes it possible to photograph fish under water has been developed at Scantrol Deep Vision, in close cooperation with Institute for Marine Research (IMR) in Bergen and tested on several of their vessels such as the “G.O. Sars”.

Deep Vision consists of a camera unit attached to the trawl and makes it possible to identify and measure fish without bringing them aboard the boat. It will be a useful tool for marine researchers and is currently featured as part of IMR’s Centre for Research-based Innovation in Sustainable fish capture and Pre-processing technology (CRISP), and as a participant in the EU project Horizon 2020, Blue Growth:Unlocking the potential of Seas and Oceans.

– Our long term goal is to make it available for commercial fisheries as well, says Research and Development Manager Darren J. Hammersland-White to Sysla.no.

A pilot version of Deep Vision is under development and will be launched this year.

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