mTrack is nominated to “Innovation of the Year Award 2020”

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  • mTrack is nominated to “Innovation of the Year Award 2020”
  • 19. December 2019

mTrack is one of three products that is nominated to “Innovation of the Year Award 2020”, arranged by Offshore Support Journal Conference and Awards. The title is awarded to an innovative product, system or service which is considered to have made a significant impact on the design, build and/or operational aspects of offshore support vessels in service during 2019. The Award will be revealed at the Annual Offshore Support Journal Conference 5-6 February 2020. 

So why vote for mTrack? We believe that mTrack is a game changer that makes active heave compensation affordable, also for smaller vessels. mTrack can be used for all winches and cranes used for subsea operations and includes all the tools needed to make AHC work with your winch or crane. 
Please visit www.scantrol.com to read more about mTrack.

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