iSYM Tow

iSYM Tow

Monitoring and control system for anchor handling and towing winches.

iSYM Tow Features:

  • Length and tension monitoring:

    Graphic and numeric display of wire length and tension. Alarms on overload and if an anchor slips.

  • Load position display:

    Graphic display showing load position relative to vessel or seabed

  • Active Heave Compensation:

    Automatic control of winch pull and speed to compensate for vessel movement or for deployment and positioning of load

  • Winch Control:

    Reliable and efficient control  of all electric and hydraulic trawl winches

  • iSPOOL:

    Computer controlled wire spooling that can increase the life time of mooring wires by 50% or more

  • User friendly:

    Graphics and operations are developed together with experienced skippers

  • Data logger:

    Simple access to historical data lets you monitor how a situation develops or analyze previous recordings.

  • Hazardous operations:

    Area sensors and activators available for Zone 1 and Zone 2 operation.


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