AHC Toolbox


Specify AHC requirements to find the optimum winch design.

AHC Toolbox

Scantrol has developed an AHC toolbox that makes it possible to specify AHC requirements to find the optimum winch design to match these. This helps the winch designer identify critical factors and minimize power consumption. The toolbox includes software for data logging and monitoring of AHC performance.

  • AHC Analyzer:

    Tool for designing the optimum winch to meet required AHC performance and determine AHC performance with an existing winch. Analysis can be based on simulated vessel movement or vessel motion recorded by Scantrol AHC.

  • AHC Predictor:

    Used by the operator to predict AHC performance before starting lifting operation. Prediction is based on present vessel movement and present or planned load.

  • iSYM Online:

    Connects to ships LAN or via satellite for remote monitoring, software upgrades, data download, and data exchange with other systems.

  • Dynatest:

    Test tool for running winch in workshop to record dynamic winch characteristics and verify AHC characteristics. The test can run on simulated vessel motion or by vessel motion recordings from Scantrol AHC.

  • AHC Performer:

    Continuous monitoring of vessel motion and winch operation to make sure that optimum AHC is achieved without overloading the winch. The operator can see the percentage of winch capacity used for AHC.

  • Data Logger:

    The Data Logger continuously logs the vessel motion and all winch data during operation.


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