See live video of Deep Vision from the Barents Sea

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Deep Vision live GO Sars
  • 04. March 2015

The commercial prototype of the Deep Vision system is being tested in the trawl for the first time at a cruise with “G.O. Sars” in the Barents Sea this week. Follow the exciting sea trial on the live underwater video transfer today at 15.30 CET (14.30 UTC).

See live video of Deep Vision

The Deep Vision frame had a successful first sea trial Monday this week as part of the cruise organized by CRISP, Centre for Research-based Innovation in Sustainable Fishing and Pre-processing technology. Scantrol Deep Vision AS is one of the world-leading technology partners on this arena that brings together suppliers of fishery technology and marine products and marine researchers in order to find solutions for sustainable harvesting of live marine resources.

Deep Vision is an underwater vision system that attaches to the trawl and provides images of all fish passing through, before uploading them to the Deep Vision software for analysis of the catch and length and species for individual fish. The whole process can be done without bringing the fish aboard the vessel making the process of mapping marine resources more accurate, efficient and sustainable.

The commercial prototype of the system had its first successful buoyancy test in December last year after which the finishing touches have been put on the frame before the first trial in a trawl in the Barents Sea this week. Monday’s successful trial bodes well for the commercial development of the system that will be made available for rental later this year.

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