Scantrol strengthens the team to focus on the Fishery market

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  • Scantrol strengthens the team to focus on the Fishery market
Scntrol strengthens the focus on Fishery
  • 30. June 2016

-The Fishery market has been Scantrol’s core business for 25 years. More than 500 vessels worldwide are deployed with Scantrol Autotrawl systems. This market is very important for us and we are now strengthening the forces to meet the customer expectations for the future, says Helge Hammersland, Managing Director.

The last five years Scantrol has focused the product development and resources towards the offshore market, where the company has become an important supplier of AHC systems. However, Scantrol is now experiencing an increasing activity in the Fishery market and responds to this by strengthening the team in order to offer improved and innovative products for the customers.

Strengthening the sales forces

Scantrol is pleased to have former employee, Øyvind Hansen, back with the company. He will be responsible for sales and marketing for the Fishery and Marine Research segments as business developer. Øyvind has previously been working for Scantrol in more than 13 year whereby he has gained a lot of experience with both the market and the products. As his background is technical he has been working very close with most of the existing customers, who knows him very well.

-I look forward to meet new and existing contacts to listen to what they have to say and to explain about our product strategy for the future in fishing, says Øyvind.

User value in focus

-Value for the user has always been one of the most important criteria’s for Scantrol’s products. Feedback from our end-users is therefore highly appreciated at Scantrol. An important part of my job is to make sure that we communicate with the fishermen and receive useful information to take back to the development team.

Hansen believes that Scantrol has the potential to offer innovative and competitive Autotrawl systems, and reveals that the company is working with exciting projects.

-We are currently at the doorstep of developing our system further. All I can say is that we are in the process of collecting information of what the customers wants and to find a way to incorporate this into the Autotrawl system in order to increase the user value. Finding the optimal solution for our end-users is very important for us. We work hard to find the solutions that will add value for our customers for the future for both short and long term.

Demonstration at Nor-Fishing in August

A study of satisfaction and loyalty for existing customers in the Fishery market shows that the customers want Scantrol to be even more visible in the market. Customer visits, newsletters, seminars and trade shows will be important activities in order to be more present. Scantrol is exhibiting at Nor-Fishing in August, whereby one of the development ideas will be demonstrated. This year Scantrol is exhibiting together with the daughter company, Scantrol Deep Vision. Deep Vision is a pilot product used for identification and measurement of fish that is being caught in the trawl. The purpose is to be able to ensure efficient and profitable fisheries and to reduce bycatch. The prototype has been tested for marine research purposes with great success.

-I encourage all of our customers to visit us during the show to see what we are up to and to contribute with feedback and address needs and expectations for the future Autotrawl system, says the new Business Developer.