New 24/7 Technical Support: +47 9909 9903

  • 15. October 2015

As being one of four core activities, giving good customer support is essential for Scantrol. The company is now strengthening the Service Department by increasing the capacity in order to deliver optimal support 24/7.

A team consisting of skilled and experienced Engineers are now dedicated to the Service department at Scantrol in order to optimize the organizational resources within Scantrol. The team is based in the Scantrol office, executing customer support from re-active support through internet and telephone to pro-active activities such as updating products and software.

Pro-active Focus and Remote Support Saves Costs

-“Through pro-active focus we will enhance reliability of our products and increase the level of support which will benefit the customers”, says COO Harald Daltveit, who is head of the Service Department.

COO Scantrol Support

Save time and cost: COO Harald Daltveit and the Service Team believe that a pro-active focus and the use of remote support will benefit the customers by saving time and cost.

A cost-effective tool is Remote Support, which allows the Service Team to execute support from the office rather than traveling on-site. By connecting to the ships LAN via satellite the service team can perform remote monitoring, software upgrades and download data in order to give the customer efficient support.

-We have had great success with remote support and it is becoming more common and important in order to save travelling expenses and respond rapidly. However, Scantrol representative will be on-site on customer preference, explains Daltveit.

Focus on training and shared experience

As a company where skills and experience is essential, Scantrol encourage to continuously professional development. Training and workshops will be in focus for the new service team whereby sharing of experience will be an important part of the development.

-“Since I started I have been traveling the world and I have gained experience from different projects and systems”, says Service Engineer Simon Hauge.

In addition there is a highly educated and experienced Technical and Department at Scantrol that the Service Team can rely on.

New 24/7 Support phone

Normally all support contact is done through the service-mail or main office telephone line. The Service Team is now also offering a dedicated 24/7 technical support telephone for availability after normal working hours in order to strengthen global customer support. The new 24/7 technical support number has been in function from October 1st, 2015.

-“We know that time is critical when you are offshore and we want to offer the best service and reliability to our customers no matter where they are located in the world”, says the COO.

Contact Scantrol Service Team:

E-Mail: support@scantrol.com

24/7 Technical Support: + 47 9909 9903