Scantrol AHC OEM module to Palfinger Dreggen Cranes

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Scantrol AHC OEM
  • 01. February 2016

Currently Scantrol is delivering Active Heave Compensation (AHC) controllers to two Palfinger Dreggen cranes. We are proud to being able to provide our OEM* module for AHC to be connected to Palfinger`s own control system.

Scantrol AHC OEM module is a cost effective way of getting a proven and popular AHC to any control system for winches and cranes. The crane and winch manufacturers save time, avoid many R&D costs, can concentrate on their core competencies and still get an functionality to their winches and cranes that significantly adds value by increasing vessels` operational time.

The systems delivered to Palfinger Dreggen consists of Scantrol`s own iCON AHC controller unit communicating with the rest of the control system via a Modbus connection. A small touch screen for AHC readout is included as well as motion reference unit (MRU) and a laptop PC with Scantrol`s AHC toolbox for setup, testing and support.

Scantrol`s AHC is very attractive due to its level of standardization and thus reliability. The flexibility of Scantrol AHC is by the fact that the AHC solution can be delivered to many applications like cranes, winches and launch and recovery systems (LARS) both as OEM modules and as complete control systems including sensors, control panels and full Scantrol HMI.

*OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and is a common term for technology integrated into other manufacturers` larger systems.