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  • 11. September 2013

On his first day back at Scantrol, Thorleifur “Leifi” Gislason went directly to Iceland to install Scantrol’s iSYM Triple Trawl system. Thorleifur’s expertise in low-pressure hydraulics mean the Scantrol team is strengthening its expertise in control systems for modern fishing vessels.

Thorleifur, whose nickmane is “Leifi”, brings over 35 years of experience in low-pressure hydraulics to Scantrol. His unique skills in the field are in demand around the world:

– He is the first person we call if we have a problem with the low pressure systems on our ships, says Jon Engilbert Sigurdsson at Nataaqnaq Fisheries, who worked with Thorleifur overhauling a 40 ton winch on one of the company’s vessels last year:

– Thorleifur is a first class service man in low pressure systems.

– A true professional

Thorleifur’s unique skills showed again after a devastating fire last year onboard Amaltal Columbia, a 64 meter twin trawler and flagship of the Talley’s fleet in New Zealand. The vessel was left crippled and badly damaged and in need of a total refit and new winch control system. Once again the company chose Scantrol iSYM winch control system and the only man suitable for the job, Thorleifur:

– He was soon earning his keep sorting out winch problems on winches that had been idle for over nine months, says Graeme Smyth of Cetronics Systems Limited, who continues:

– It was a pleasure working for a true professional who never lost his sense of humor and who very quickly earned the respect of the customer and everyone onboard.

Experienced field asset

After graduating with a Chief Engineer’s diploma in 1983, Thorleifur returned to where he had started his career in the marine industry seven years prior, the Hydraulik Bratvaag agency in Iceland. His position here as foreman took him aboard vessels as a servicing technician before becoming Service Manager in 1988.

Taking advantage of additional training, Thorleifur became an expert in low-pressure hydraulics and computerized autotrawl systems.

In 2002 Thorleifur joined Skipa og velaeftirlitid where he became increasingly involved with Scantrol’s autotrawl systems, before joining the company as Service Manager in 2009. After a short employment with Rapp Hydema in 2011, Thorleifur decided to join the Scantrol team again in January this year, where he will be travelling the world installing the company’s systems.

Towards an electrical future

Thorleifur’s return to Scantrol marks an increasing focus on efficient and beneficial control systems for modern fishing vessels.

His first job back was installing an iSYM Triple Trawl system aboard Estonian vessels, a system that is particularly efficient for shrimp trawlers where three trawls tow in parallel with four winches.

Even though Thorleifur is a specialist in hydraulics, he is now also involved with electrical winches at Scantrol. His most recent project was the installation of Scantrol control systems on electrical winches aboard the new “Volstad” vessel. The system was commissioned by Ibercisa.

– The installation of electrical winches is far less complicated than hydraulic winches. In addition, there is no need for tubes and it is always clean around the winches. As far as I can see electrical winches will become even more popular in the future, says Thorleifur.

According to the producer of the electrical winches, Ibercisa, they are both more efficient and affordable in operation. The electrical driven winches also reduce the fuel costs and are a more environmentally friendly option.

Thorleifur “Leifi” Gislason:

  • Began his marine industry career in 1976 performing low-pressure repairs at the workshop of Hydraulik Bratvaag’s agency in Iceland
  • Finished a three-year engineering curriculum in 1979 at the Marine Engineering University in Reykjavik, Iceland, before he went to work aboard several vessels including fishing and Coast Guard vessels as well as a sand dragger where he was Chief Engineer
  • Graduated with a Chief Engineer’s diploma in 1983 before returning to the Hydraulik Bratvaag agency, where he was promoted to foreman and later Service Manager
  • Joined Skipa og velaeftirlitid in 2002, where he became increasingly involved with Scantrol autotrawl systems
  • Worked as Service Manager at Scantrol from 2009 to 2011, where he returned earlier this year after a short employment at Rapp Hydema

Product description:

iSYM Trawl Control

iSYM Pair Trawl