Ibercisa to supply deck machinery for new Norwegian pelagic vessel

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Ibercisa Ostervold new order
  • 22. June 2017

Scantrol congratulates Ibercisa Deck Machinery with signing  the contract for the supply of deck machinery onboard the new Norwegian pelagic vessel Ostervold.

The photo is from the contract signing during Nor-Shipping in May: Ramón Carreira Pérez, Business Development Manager at Ibercisa Deck Machinery, Sigvald Hystad, Project Supervisor for H.Østervold Knut Inge Østervold, Skipper and part-owner of H.Østervold Sofus Gregersen, Business Development Manager at KSS, the strategic sales and service partner in the Northern European region Henrik Østervold, Skipper and part-owner of H.Østervold

Ostervold is a new 82m pelagic boat for owners Knut Inge Østervold and Henrik Østervold and designed by the technical office Sawicon of Bergen. Ibercisa Deck Machinery will design, manufacture and install 15 electric winches, trawl winches, auxilliaries, net drums, purse seiners, net sounder etc., with their respective control panels and Scantrol automatic trawl system.

The contract was signed thanks to the efforts of Ibercisa’s agents for the Faroes and northern european countries KSS. This signing opens an important segment of the market in Norway to the Vigo Company, where Ibercisa’s presence is already known throughout the freezer trawler fleet.

– It is a very important project because it begins a process of renovation for the pelagic fleet in the area around Bergen where this fleet has its base, says Ramòn Carreira, Director of Business Development at Ibercisa Deck Machinery.

Ibercisa Deck Machinery has already designed, manufactured and supplied the electric deck gear for Danish pelagic vessels Ruth and Beinur.

Source: Kysmagasinet and Fiskerforum

Photo: Ibercisa Deck Machinery