Scantrol AHC News – Cylinder application now available in mTrack

mTrack New Cylinder Application (1)
  • 21. October 2020

When mTrack was released last year, it had winch, crane, and LARS applications pre-programmed and ready for configuration by our customers.

Due to the excellent reception mTrack has received by the market (21 systems delivered so far this year), the application areas for mTrack is continuously expanding, and the cylinder Active Heave Compensation (AHC) application is now released.

By having applications in mTrack instead of re-programming complex functionality to match the operation and lifting equipment, we can provide our customers with the proven Scantrol AHC functionality in a risk-free manner.

With this approach to AHC, we can safely say that mTrack can be used to achieve AHC on all relevant lifting equipment, both now and in the future.

An increasing number of sub-sea contracts require AHC to win the job. Therefore Scantrol has worked hard to provide a flexible and affordable solution for all winches and cranes used for sub-sea operations.

mTrack includes tools to simplify testing and commissioning. It also includes an integrated MRU that measures the vessel’s movement and uses Scantrol’s proven AHC technology to control the winch or cylinder to eliminate vessel motion being transferred to the load.

In addition to Scantrol’s proven AHC control functions, mTrack includes tools to streamline the design, commissioning, and operations of your application.

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