Control system for Launch & Recovery systems


Due to innovative and flexible solutions, the AHC technology, primarily used by Work Class ROVs for subsea operations, can now also be fitted to smaller equipment such as Observation ROVs. Other application areas are subsea sampling and drilling systems.

Scantrol AHC gives the operator precise control even in rough weather conditions. The result is increased operational time and minimized weather related downtime.


  • Work Class ROVs
  • Observation ROVs
  • Subsea sampling and drilling systems


  • A proven AHC control for Launch & Recovery systems
  • Standard models range from AHC OEM module to complete LARS controls.
  • Controls both electric and hydraulic winch drives
  • Suitable for both moon pool and A-frame models
  • AHC Link saves cost by sharing AHC information when multiple systems are installed onboard a vessel
  • Umbilical management system monitors the umbilical in order to avoid damages and extend the lifetime of the cable.

AHC System Design:

  • A standard AHC control system with configuration options
  • Can be fitted to both new and existing winches
  • AHC Analyzer is a tool for designing the optimum winch to meet required AHC performance or determine AHC performance with an existing winch.


  • Safe and efficient with user-friendly HMI
  • Automatic deploy and recovery
  • AHC Performer and Predictor simulates AHC for safer and more reliable operation planning and better operator confidence.
  • Data Recorder records vessel motion, alarms and all winch data continuously during operation.

Test and commissioning:

  • Advanced test tools such as Dynatest, Harbor test and AHC test minimize time for commissioning and sea trial.
  • iSYM Online ensures efficient remote service and support by connecting to the ship’s LAN or via satellite.
  • Training offered for operators and service personnel
  • Supported by winch service engineers


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